Saturday, March 26, 2011

whitney a.k.a souie

well we have a new pot bellied pig. she's 4 months old. she was supposedly an indoor pig - house broken & all. but at our house she was a bit out of sorts so she didnt remember she was a house kept, house trained pig. so now she is outdoors in her own little pen. her previous owners called her "souee". since we have a "buble'" as in "michael buble'"...she is now "whitney" as in "whitney houston" - in keeping with the musical theme of naming our pigs! i expect her to start calling for "bobby" any moment now! she is more tame than our boy pig, but they look exactly a like. the kids & even clay were discussing "when the pigs have babies we can.....(fill in the blank)" i will keep you posted.

we also bought 6 chicks today - white leghorns - like "foghorn leghorn" from the looney toons cartoons. i cant wait to see their combs hang over their beaks. they will be cute. our current hens dont lay & havent for the last 7 months. i'm not sure what is going on...they got stressed out, went through a molt & lived through winter so i'm hoping now that spring has arrived they will pick up the egg laying - if not, then it's the stew pot for them. but the babies are super cute!

these 2 flowers are from Georgia's resting place. we planted a cherry blossom tree by her grave & then some daffodils & tulips over her grave. they are gorgeous. it's a nice place - a fitting place for her to rest as she was such a wonderful dog.

this is lola the goat. she is CRAZY!! and if you are shorter than her - watch out - she will knock you off your feet. so basically asher on down stay out of her pen.

and this is buble'. he was rolling around in his hay pile. he loves rachel. it's really wild to see how he responds to her. he knows he belongs to her. he wasnt all that interested in meeting "whitney" today....but i'm sure as she grows & he realizes she is a girl pig he will be a lot more interested.

phinneas the cat. he is very sweet and fluffy! a favorite among the kids.

this is my new 2nd degree brown belt. elizabeth (or eliz as abigail calls her) did outstanding yesterday getting her belt. She has only 2 more belts until she can test for her black belt in karate. also she is finishing up her math curriculum & she scored 100% on a cummilative review today in her math-u-see curriculum. she will start on her new math curriculum this coming week.
the positive test score is a huge success for her as she has worked hard to fill in gaps from her lack of short term memory. every gain is a huge accomplishment! i'm so proud of her.

david asher drinking my diet moutain dew. one thing that never seems to stop the little kids is the diet drinks. they ask for the diet drinks to drink over the regular drinks. i'm not sure it's all that healthy for them with the saccarine, but the seem to prefer the diet drinks over the regular...... maybe because mama is drinking it. he was wild today. i'm thinking the weather being cold & rainy & not getting outside helped with the wildness factor. summer cant get here fast enough.

abigail being cute. she thought i wasnt going to take a picture of her. she's so precious. she always has such encouraging words for everyone. she is a bright spot in our lives!

oh man, and this is esther. i think her eyes say it all! she is such a vivacious force! there are no words to describe the delight & joy she adds to this household. 2 years old is such a great age. i wish i could bottle her up at this age & keep it forever. i want to remember every detail as precious doesnt begin to describe.

(rachel had no makeup & didnt want her picture made. levi was sleeping in the swing & didnt get his picture made either)

hope you had a great saturday. we had a busy one but we got a lot accomplished. all of our 14 new trees & 2 new bushes are now planted. i'm so excited. we now have 5 apple trees, 2 peach trees, 2 pear trees, 3 pecan trees, 1 fig tree, & 1 plum tree. we also have black berry bushes, blue berry bushes, & 3 grape vines growing. i have started tomato plants, cucumber plants, basil & chives. we have also started the bell peppers & canteloupe!! yay spring!! yay for a summer garden! i cant wait to work the soil! (we will also plant watermelon, honey dew melon, potatoes, corn, peas, beans, okra, pumkins, squash & sunflowers - at least - i'm sure i'm leaving a thing or 2 out - but i'm EXCITED)

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