Wednesday, March 30, 2011

calm in the middle & a hair cut!

ok so i dont know how he does it, but levi is sleeping soundly in the middle of the noise. now y'all cant see it but the other kids are running around being WILD!! and he is peacefully sleeping. isnt that how we all should be...trusting we are safe when God is in charge. i mean the reality is at any moment some harm could befall levi...he's on a blanket in the middle of the living room floor asleep & yet...he's out cold. the noise or footsteps around him hasnt bothered him. to have that kind of faith or innocence or trust...i envy that.

and this one of asher brushing his teeth was the night before his yearly hair cut.

and this is after. he likes the short "warrior" cut. and he is letting me spike it this time where as before he didnt want it. i came real close to doing a mohawk & still could but i didnt. he's happy with it & he looks so much older. but even i can admit it was time for a hair cut. i think i do like his hair longer but not quite as long as it had gotten - hanging in his eyes.

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