Thursday, March 3, 2011

a give away

Pleasant Home blog is giving away a little accuquilt die cutting machine in honor of her first grandchild being born.
so click here if you want to find out how to enter her give away:

it made me think, after i read it about my own grandparents.

my mom's mom, Grandma Bryant....worked at Campbell's Chicken Soup factory in Sumter, SC. She made the best cakes & her house was always COLD!!! I also loved her biscuits & sweet tea. My mom always made biscuits too when we were growing up. There was nothing better to eat on a Sunday afternoon than a good, fresh biscuit & sweet tea. i need to learn to make biscuits. oh and i remember my Grandma had the prettiest hydrangea bushes in her yard. i always loved those. when i see them now i always think of her. Rhoda Lee Bryant

and then there was Granddaddy Benenhaley & Grandma Benenhaley. I dont know what Granddaddy did for a living but he wore a blue set of coveralls. He also drank coffee out of the same white mug ALWAYS. he would take us up to the store & buy us M&M's & a coke. And he would take us to church on Sundays (so would Grandma Bryant) I think, if my memory serves me correctly, we use to attend the same church as Grandma Bryant.
And Grandma Benenhaley, she loved to play cards (she caught me cheating once & then wouldnt play with me again). She also loved the soaps on tv. She would lock us out in the summer time & make us stay outside to play. i loved staying at Grandma Benenhaley's. she had a jewelry box with a lot of costume jewelry in it & we could look in it & let the music on it play...well i remember we looked in it a lot, even if we werent suppose to.
and what's wild is i dont look back on any of the memories of these three people as bad. you would think being locked out in the heat of a SC summer would make me have bad memories...but nope....

Grandma Bryant

Granddaddy Benenhaley & Grandma Benenhaley

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