Monday, March 14, 2011

hansel & gretel

this is what i found when i went to gather asher & esther for supper tonight.

that is the "play" kitchen in abigail & esther's room. i didnt understand why i keep finding the shelves out but now i know. so i told rachel i must be the wicked witch in the woods & they were playing hansel & gretel. she laughed. esther is actually in the stove part & asher is in the dishwasher/stove part. he is smirking.
too funny! at least they are playing with it!

and this is esther in rachel's tshirt, clipped in the back to stay on, & wearing asher's military hat. she always wants to wear it backwards or sideways. boy is she pleased with herself & super cute.

and just a side note....i think we are on the upmend regarding sickness....well most everyone is. i did take levi today to the doctor as his stuffy nose has gotten worse. he's just that - stuffy. the dr. gave me an antibiotic prescription to have on hand in case it gets worse. the dr. is going on vacation for the next 2 weeks so i am hoping we dont need to make a visit before she gets back.
and of course i am not better. i'm thankful for a nebulizer. i made use of it about 30 minutes ago so i could breath. with the stuffy nose my asthma has kicked in. i am so ready for spring!

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