Sunday, March 20, 2011

i did it!!

i actually made a few of those owl teethers that i said i was going to make. it was easy once i cut them out.
here are a few pictures....with a cute extra at the bottom.

that's all 3 together.

the orange faced one close up & it has an attached
12" x 12" minky chew rag, feel good kind of soft
plush fabric to rub his face on kind of thing.

This is the yellow faced one. plain. no feet like the orange faced one - just "feathers".

this blue faced one doesnt have feet either but i put
2 jingle bells inside of it so it made noise. i was
considering giving one to a girl at church who is
having a baby but i decided not to when i realized how
bad my stitching was. it didnt want to insult her.

levi actually holds on to it already. he was way beside himself here. he was sleepy!

this was the other night. levi was doing his "exercises".....doing push ups.
the other kids thought he was super special being on the floor like that.
i just have to make sure he doesnt get trampled.

this was this morning as i was preparing breakfast. esther insist on
sitting on the counter & levi was actually a bit fussy all day. he was in just a
diaper & a bib at the moment. we put him in his bumbo & let him sit with
esther. she was thrilled. i'm not sure what he was thinking about it.
i think i've decided i'm going to start calling him "big" in "mr. big".
he's definitely bulked up & he's pretty special to "big" it is!

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Jenny said...

He's so cute!