Wednesday, February 15, 2012

busy-ness - as usual

i finally made a list today of all the things that need to get done. i am so shocked at how i have to put some of the most asinine things on the list, but if i dont put them on the list i will forget to do them. i can barely remember my own name, much less things that need to be done. i seem to be constantly tired with a constant headache. fun times. i do not relish the idea of correlating these symptoms with my age and my lack of a healthy lifestyle...but i fear that is the real problem...i'm old, fat & out of shape. man getting old sucks. but on a good note, our vitamix blender will be here by weeks end & our treadmill & total gym is once again starting to get a work out -even in a very mild form.
anyway, this isnt a whiny post. i'm actually excited about writing my list. what will be even more exciting is to start checking the list off!! woohoo! so to give you insight into my life, here is my beginning list for the spring (remember some of these items are "wishes" & not necessarily going to be top priority):

-plant strawberry roots (50 of them!! i'm so EXCITED!!! IF YOU COULD SEE ME, I'M ACTUALLY SMILING AS I TYPE & I FEEL GIDDY AT THE THOUGHT!! fresh strawberries all summer - i only bought everbearing strawberries)
-get lattice for clothesline ends (adding a trailing flower of some sort to the ends to make them prettier - even tho i think they are gorgeous as they stand)
-put playmobils back together (long story but Asher basically tore Abigail's princess castle apart...into their original individual pieced, pre-put together condition) 
-plant garden seeds & set in window (basically set up my greenhouse)
-build a chicken tractor (actually i need 2 now but dont tell Clay. we have about 30 polish chicken eggs in the incubator set to hatch at the end of the month)
-build 2 top bar bee hives (so excited about getting bees!)
-clean sewing room (basically needs reorganizing)
-finish 2 quilts
-dig big hole to make trampoline an inground trampoline
-build or dig inground fire pit
-build whelping box for calpurnia (cant wait to have yorkie puppies!)
-start entering recipes into database to make recipe book for my children
-research treating/feeding/pruning fruit & nut trees
-start downloading all Home Video VHS footage to computer harddrive
-start ripping all music CD's to computer harddrive
-spray paint candlesticks, picture frames, decor
-paint canning cabinet
-get back door gate for dogs
-mulch flower beds
-get big rocks for gutter/downspouts
-find another black mission fig tree to purchase
-find 2 more blueberry bushes to purchase
-find bird netting to keep off fruit trees (blue berries, black berries, strawberries & fig trees)
-get Readen set up for being spayed & shots up to date ü

so that's the beginning of my list. while that may seem crazy or stupid to you, it's what our list is for around here.

it doesnt include:
-doctor's appts (there are no less than 13 on the calendar for the next 4 weeks)
-karate (regular classes & special classes)
-homeschooling (including Rachel's co-op classes & extra curricular things we are doing - Rachel is doing a mock legislative session with her Generation Joshua group)
-piano lessons
-cleaning (the house needs a thorough wiping down with vinegar or clorox)
-laundry (the laundry never ends!!!)
-taking care of our animals
-get togethers with friends
-special occasions that may arise
 now i have to go take 2 of my children to 2 of those scheduled well check up doctor appointments before we go to our weekly karate lessons.

before i do, here are some great shots of Esther.

her sneaky face:

her sad face:

her mad face:

her happy face:

my personal favorite is the "sad face" but over all...her face is pretty darn cute!


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