Monday, February 13, 2012

valentine's day - a day early

clay took me out for a valentine's dinner tonight. we cant go tomorrow as the older girl's have piano lessons & we have missed so many lessons lately due to illness that i didnt want to reschedule (but what is funny is the piano teacher texted me tonight & moved the lessons to thursday because her small group is meeting earlier tomorrow & she cant do lessons. oh well!)

anyway, unknown to me, clay had arranged for us to have a private table at his saturday morning breakfast place. Angie's Family Restaurant....a very popular, local Chesapeake restaurant with homestyle cooking. so popular that we saw Bobby & Linda Hartman there. i havent seen them in ages. they looked so good.

he had flowers on the table, lindor truffles & best of all...he had arranged with the restaurant for me to drink unending diet mt.dew..which is my favorite drink.(but i have cut way back!). most restaurants NEVER sell diet mt. dew. so that was a good surprise. and the children killed the bag of lindor truffles when we got home.
he knows that my favorite flower bouquet is a wild flower assortment. these are gorgeous & smell wonderful. and the vase is tinted pink even!

it was a nice, quiet evening. the meal was good. he had the fried seafood platter & i had a nice, medium rare delmonico steak.
we got home around 6:45PM and put the babies to bed.

here are a few attempts from rachel to take pictures of us before we left.......the first one was the last one...the 2nd one was what happened as soon as we sat for the picture.

(notice Asher's very pleased expression..Abigail peeking from behind, Esther upset because she knows Mama is leaving & Levi really not having a clue as to what is going on...all he knew was his Mama was sitting & Esther was trying to get in her lap so he had to claim his spot)

and in a very narcissistic i have a fat face. i have been trying to lose weight but when i see pictures of myself i am just astounded at how fat i look. just call me shrek! comments's how i feel but i know i dont look like shrek...i mean, for skin isnt green!

and for added cuteness

here is where Levi likes to eat or sit or play or just be in the way:

please dont call social services on me. yes i realize it's been like 40 degrees outside & he is half dressed with only 1 sock on. he looks very unkept...but the dishes were clean & being unloaded.

and super duper serious cuteness:

yesterday after church Esther wanted to run around in her slip. no biggie. but then she slept in it & ran around most of the day in it. when i went to help her change clothes she got very upset until i promised her to wash it so she could wear it again. she is soooo darling!

and i do plan on posting pictures of rachel when she was a baby. i just have to download them off of an external drive & i have been so super busy. i think i even have to update her birthday right? i'm so behind & feel like i'm getting even more behind as the days go by.

***editted: ok just so Clay wont get a bad reputation because there wasnt a "big" gift (which he did fine in my book...the surprise set up & flowers were nice & he said we could go see "The Vow" tomorrow since piano got cancelled...2 nights of Valentine's)...we did order a Vitamix Food Processor/Blender to help with our eating habits. we both agreed on it & the stinking thing - refurbished - still cost $425.

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