Thursday, February 23, 2012

spray paint

Ok so I have serious issues. I have an addiction problem. Maybe you know this, maybe you don't. And it really doesn't matter much what it is..if it strikes my fancy...well....there you go....addiction. but I can honestly say that alcohol or drugs have never struck my fancy. Not to say I have been an angel by any stretch...but those 2 vices have never had a draw for me. I like control too much and with drugs or alcohol that isn't the case.
Now babies, fabric, sharpie markers, heirloom vegetable seeds, chickens, yarn, embroidery thread, sewing machines (I only have 5 of those & 1 is actually a Serger so I don't know if that can be classified as an addiction) am addicted to them all.
But this new found addiction is so different, eclectic, fun & all of the children helped. I found a DIY decorating idea off of Pinterest (my favorite website besides Backyard Chickens). It requires the old brass candle sticks & spray paint (ok add spray paint to my addicted to list). Basically every thiftstore in the country sells the old brass candlesticks for CHEAP!  I'm not a brass dealer but I am pretty sure most of these are solid brass.
Anyway we (ok I dictated the colors) picked out different color spray paint & started painting them today. A very shabby chic type of look. All of the kids had a ball. And when they are dry & finished we will decorate around the house with them. Here is a sneak peek. There is also a desktop mirror tray that we are spray painting the brass edge on & a picture frame that I found for a special picture.
Asher even got into it. He of course.helped with the big blue candlesticks & wants them to go in his room when they are finished.
And the watermelon pink jewelry box is Esther's.

These little angels are so perfect. I love them. I spray painted them with a brushed nickel finish. we have a very dear friend who has brushed nickel on everything...door knobs, light switch plates, ceiling fans, etc. Her house is so pretty. Anyway, she just had a birthday so I figured I would do these for her. She might hate them or even put them back in the thrift store but i thought they were sweet...especially if they are used at Christmas. And the brushed nickel is fast becoming a favorite of all of my girls.

Now on a super sweet note. Rachel was teaching Levi tricks to night. We don't have any one trick ponies over here so she was teaching him to hold a quarter on his nose. He was so funny. He did it at first but was so excited to show me that he could do it that he would whip himself around and the quarter would fly off. He would laugh and start over...and always with a smile.

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