Sunday, February 26, 2012

snaggle tooth

this kid has wiggled her teeth nonstop. it takes her FOREVER to actually get them pulled. the last time she had 3 loose teeth, the permanent teeth were coming in behind the baby teeth & her baby teeth were turning black. i ended up holding her down one night & pulled all 3 of the teeth. you would have thought i was murdering her that night.
anyway, today she found herself with a very wiggly upper tooth again. she was scared to show me for fear i would snatch it out of her mouth. i held my hands behind my back & she let me look...and sure enough her tooth was way wiggly & even bleeding. so i told her i wouldnt pull it as long as she worked it.
we went to skinny dip yogurt this afternoon for a family outting. we got back & abigail had to potty. while she was using the bathroom she pulled her tooth. she was sooooo proud & well, she should be.

here's my little snaggle tooth. she pulled the right "eye tooth"

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