Sunday, February 19, 2012


and to make matters worse....our favorite male duck died today Shoes...he was a blue swedish. so now we have NO DRAKES!! not good. so we will be looking for a male soon!

and to top it all off.......a chicken that we hatched out just a few months ago, died today also. she was a nice little Rhode Island Red.

we have had 3 ducks die in the last 2 months. i am not happy. i love our ducks.

also, flashy ate to fast & threw up all in his kennel. we are trying to bulk up their food intake. they seem to be starving - the dogs...we tried to be good pet owners and measure out their food and feed them once a day. we started now giving them 2 helpings a day...the dogs just eat way too fast. anyway i had some left over grits & corned beef hash so i mixed it & gave it to flash & readen....poor flash vomited all over his kennel.
it's been a rough day with our animals.

so a gloomy sunday indeed.

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