Sunday, February 19, 2012

i'm easy like Sunday morning

yep, it's Sunday morning & we are home. no one is sick. no special circumstances. actually we went to service last night. very different for go to our Sunday service on Saturday night. BUT...we could wear jeans (in our mind it was allowed) and it was a really good service....great message.
so today we are home....driving each other crazy. the little kids are driving Mom & Dad crazy is more like it. it's 11:41 & only Levi is dressed. well Clay is too. but we have intermittenly had breakfast & we are actually watching Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures about hyenas.
it's cold, rainy & overcast. we are suppose to get snow tonight. abigail is suppose to go to Ninja Camp tomorrow but i fear it might be canceled & she will not be happy.

i guess i can start checking off my list of things to do but in reality i want to just sleep. i'm cold. i'm tired. i feel a depression sinking in on me like the snow clouds settling in on us outside. ugh!! i have to shake it off. it's choice...this mindset...i believe that.

anyway, lent starts on wednesday. do you do lent? we are in talks with the children as to what we are going to sacrifice this year for 40 days. rachel is considering meat. if you know her then you know that will be a huge sacrifice. we are considering television...but that would be hard during the morning hours with the little kids or when i am away and rachel or elizabeth are having to babysit. i do know that we can keep that in the forefront of our minds and watch in moderation. its not like the adults watch that much tv anyway ...or rachel & elizabeth...well they dont get to watch "their" shows anyway.
i'm just not sure.

and i will be deactivating facebook this evening. i've done it before and i think it's time to do it again. i will miss my friends, old and present. i will miss my family.
but it's just too toxic right now for me. clay & i fight about it. while he's not a big talker when we travel or go anywhere - as in holding a conversation with me but he gets annoyed if i look at facebook on my phone to pass the time. he likes us both to sit in silence rather than to feel like he is 2nd class to facebook. i dont know. it's silly.
i cant seem to keep my opinions to myself which can cause interesting exchanges. and when i do keep my opinions to myself and post just normal, every day life post, it can still cause exchanges that i end up getting private messages about. it's that old adage i guess "damned if you do, damned if you dont." so it's easier to just take a long break. and quite frankly...facebook isnt my life. i have a life. i dont need facebook.
how did we all survive without facebook?? but we did didnt we! and probably without a lot of unneeded stress & commentary.
i will peek in every now & again to keep up with certain people. and really i needed to delete people but i feel bad doing that. i feel bad just unsubscribing people...but's over! done deal as of about 10PM tonight and guess what.....LIFE MOVES ON!!
and life is moving on here...big time.
we have 3 dentist appointments tomorrow...1 ninja camp....2 well checks on care.....piano lessons...karate lessons.....i have 30 eggs in the incubator so we are turning eggs daily....sooo much. life is busy here.

here is a picture of rachel on her birthday...and a slew of other pictures of all of her siblings. why is it that the boys look clueless all the time? and the last picture of me, Esther insisted on taking. she's a funny girl.

Rachel - 17 years old

Asher - 5 years old

Esther - 2 years, 10 months

Abigail - 6 years, 10 months

Levi - 15 months old 

Elizabeth - 12 years old

Wendy - old & tired!

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