Saturday, March 17, 2012

chicken tractor - check

well it's finished. Clay came through in a major way. we have had a problem over the years with our speciality chickens. the problem being - keeping them alive. we have had silkies before. we have had polish before. they have all died. the little specialty chickens really need to be set apart & cant be kept with the standard sized birds. they get killed. we have always had a standard size rooster try to cover out little silkie hens & they end up breaking their necks & killing them. so this time...we got smart. we are keeping them separated. what is also nice is we wont have to worry about what kind of mix breed chicken we will get out of this small flock. it will all be silkies or silkie/frizzled cochin mixes.

that's what those cute little fluffy chickens are called. silkies. nope they arent poodles. they are really nice little birds. and the one little white bird that has the curled up, wild feathers is called a frizzle...she is a frizzle cochin. only 1 in 4 chickens with the frizzle feathered gene actually frizzles. we bought these & the lady sold me her last frizzle. we were estatic.

these little guys are our 2 polish chickens that we incubated ourselves. out of 32 eggs we only had 2 hatch. it was the worst hatch i have ever had. but the chickens are very cute. the little brown polish is actually frizzled so i am happy with these 2 little guys! i mentioned to Clay this morning after putting the chickens in their new coop that now that he knew how to build one i would need another one depending on what hatches out of the 25 eggs i have incubating now (12 being polish, 12 being leg horns, 1 being our own barnyard mix). if enough of the polish hatch they will need to be kept separated also & since we already have a chicken tractor of silkies, we will need another one for the polish! 

Anyway, Clay has worked diligently on the little tractor to my specifications & i appreciate his hard work. Rachel is thrilled as well considering these are her chickens. They should live long & happily in their new little coop.


Mandy Brown said...

Good job Clay!! The chickens are so cute!! I need to bring the kids out there to see them, they would LOVE that!!! I wish we could have chickens here.

On A Hot Tin Roof said...

He did do a nice job. I know a lot of people who live in small neighbor hoods are starting to get a small hutch type coop & keep about 3 little chickens. Of course no roosters, but the hens arent generally a problem - unless you have horrible neighbors. & i would suggest a privacy fense.
and yes y'all do need to come out. I was just thinking in need to have Leigha Neubert out too while Johnny is away. I need to hold her baby! I havent yet! Maybe we could sew that bag even...We will be in Williamsburg tomorrow & then I have a doctor's appt. on Tuesday. We need to look at the weather & find a nice day to have y'all out. Soon. Dont let me forget!

Mandy Brown said...

Yes!! we will make it happen soon. And we would totally get chickens here, but I'm pretty sure it's against the law, and I would hate to get them just to have to get rid of them. Would be heartbreaking.