Monday, March 5, 2012


this boy is turning into a comedian. he's all smiles & giggles! he never fails to make us laugh & he never says a word - really he doesnt speak a word. we never hear mama, dada, no, mine...nothing....nada....well i take it back he will point & say "this". and he on occasion will say "thank you" but other than that...nothing. but he conveys himself without having to say a word. (and we are working on the sign language).

i think he is realizing that 1. when a camera is around you give your "cheese" face. & 2. when you get caught being somewhere you dont belong you give your cute cheese face because it gets you out of trouble. yes that is the dog kennel he was in. we had to keep it in the kitchen for Readen, our Cocker Spaniel, to heal from her recent surgery. Levi LOVED the dog kennel. and then he climbed in the girls barbie house. Elizabeth caught him up there today. crazy kid. now he's starting to climb. I am in soooo much trouble! but it's good trouble (if there is even such a thing!)

and now for baby names - a bit early:

girl names:
Cadence Ruth or Ruth Cadence - cant decide which way i like it
that's the only one i've even considered at this point. I can see a little Ruthie running around with Esther.
Well i also like Naomi - but at this point, Ruth sticks with me more.

boy names:
Samuel Zachariah  (but on further examination i'm not digging Sammy Simmons - but we would never call him Sammy - it would be Samuel or either Zach - most likely Zach)
Ezekiel Zachariah (still Zach) (rachel said it had too many z's)
Daniel Zachariah (now leaning towards that) (rachel said she knows too many daniel's & doesnt like it)
Judah Isaiah (but Judah is not at the top of my list)
Hudson is a consideration still...Hudson Isaiah or Hudson Zachariah...I'm definitely leaning more towards Zachariah than anything at this point.
and Luther Zachariah is always in my mind...Luther has always been a name i wanted to use & i'm sure - for the most part - that this will be my last baby - unless we adopt & get to do a name change.

i guess i need to get further along & decide if we are going to find out the sex or not. since this baby was a complete surprise - i'm contemplating keeping the sex a surprise until the end. wouldnt that be fun?! i dont know if i can do it tho. someone once told me that if my babies were little chicks in eggshells that they would never make it to hatching as i would crack them open way before they were ready to see if they were done! so yep, i'm a tad bit impatient. (also you have to understand that we do about 6 hatches of chicks & ducks a year &  1 time when i thought the little chick was dead in the egg i unfortunately cracked it open to see the development. but i'm always putting a flash light up to them to see them moving in the eggs & their developmental stage is only 21 days at most) also FYI: we have 2 little polish chicks that hatched out this weekend in a sweet!

and i know y'all are probably wondering what Clay has to say about all of this......he trust me with the kids names. very rarely has he put his foot down. he does like Samuel Zachariah (he thinks the baby will be a boy) but i dont think he was looking at it in light of the SS together. i didnt at first then when i said it outloud i didnt like it so much. but we just talked about it today actually so it wasnt a major discussion........he wasnt even keen on Asher at first but now sees that i really did know what i was doing. i truly believe we should name our children with much prayer and consideration. so while these names are all fun to go through...i still have some praying to do & i have to have an idea of who this child is in the womb. got some time either way!

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BeeBee said...

I think Ruth is a lovely name and it goes very well with Esther. I can't really comment on your boy names because they're all lovely. :D

I love the cheese face, you definitely can't be angry with a face like that.