Friday, March 30, 2012

loose tooth

i have expressed before how Abigail is reluctant to pull teeth. that has been the case with one of her remaining front top baby teeth. it was just hanging but we didnt dare touch it for desiring not to have major wailing.
today she, Asher & Esther were playing in the living room....(i call it mayhem at large, but they call it playing). their idea of playing was having Abigail roll around on the floor as Esther & Asher jumped over her face and head. not smart, but their play none-the-less.
well Asher jumped and Abigail didnt roll & he kicked her in the mouth & knocked her loose tooth right out of her mouth. much to Abigail's dismay we couldnt find the tooth until about an hour later. so now her tooth is safely in her little tooth chest keeper (no tooth fairies here) & she is a happy camper. Esther was fascinated with the whole process. I didnt get her in the picture but she is standing up on the bed beside them trying to peer into Abigail's mouth.
wildness abounds here with Asher. the albuterol is not helping him in that area (he actually has been in timeout about 5 times to day) - but it is helping his breathing. he is holding the tooth up in the picture.

ok for clarification - as i stated in the last post, i have become "one of those moms". as Jenny commented "one of those moms that i would have judged harshly 15 years ago". sadly so true. but i have been humbled and brought low. i am not super mom. the only reason i had it so good 15 years ago is because Rachel is an outstanding person. it had not much to do with my parenting skills - i have since learned. anyway, yes those are the same pajamas he wore to the doctor yesterday. and no i didnt dress Abigail. She dressed herself. it is what it is. i'm sick. i'm pregnant & the reality is it just doesnt matter anymore. as long as we arent going off to church or out in public (the doctor doesnt count with a sick child) they can pretty much wear what they want. 

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