Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Baby #7 is cooking as i type. i had a doctor's appt today..the first for this pregnancy. everything went well. the doctor was wonderful, but then again Dr. Dixon is always wonderful. she has done 2 of my c-sections out of the 4 that this practice has done. she just has a wonderful bedside manner. she isnt judgemental at all....just helpful, encouraging, & straight to the point.
i am going to have to watch my weight this go round. bascially i have 15lbs i should comfortably gain this pregnancy & really no more. my blood sugars are doing excellently so at this point gestational diabetes hasnt reared it's ugly head yet. we will do the glucola test at 16 weeks like every other normal second, third, etc..time around pregnant lady who had gestational diabetes in their previous pregnancies. we are not assuming i will have the diabetes.
the baby's heartbeat was a solid 160 beats per minute. i have to go back next week for 1st trimester screens. since i am 41 we think it is wise to be prepared in case there were any health concerns with the baby - but then again we have always choosen to do the screens to be prepared just in case. we have a lot of people to prepare. i do not expect any abnomalies to show up.
the kids are so excited still. asher told me this morning "i'm ready for the baby to come out so i can hold him." he will have to wait until sometimes in Mid-October.

here is either Israel Zachariah or Cadence Ruth:

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