Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Esther Adlai

Esther is such a delight. She, recently, has become a serious Mama's girl - literally my shadow. No one else is allowed to do anything for her....except on occasion Rachel & that's if Mama has ok'd it. I guess its a stage. I can't say that I have trouble with it - as I don't. She is so much fun. She enjoys a good joke. She enjoys a good cup of coffee & she will sit in silence & just be with me.
As a matter of fact we are in the little van, sitting at Rachel's co-op, waiting for Rachel to be done with classes. We are sitting here...not talking, listening to Rush (ditto heads here), just being together.
I think she likes me so much right now because I really try to understand her needs. Esther has a mild speech impediment. Probably not even that - she's just #5 of 6 & hasn't had a need to talk much. But I really strive to find out what she is trying to say rather than ignore her or shut her down. And generally everyone else does also, but generally they try to guess & distract her instead of really find out what she is saying. And I get that...its easier.
But Esther is my little buddy girl. I adore her and am blessed that she is my daughter.
And on that note I must express how blessed I am by Elizabeth. She has grown up so much lately. I am able to be here with Esther, waiting on Rachel because Elizabeth is at home with Abigail, Asher & Levi holding down the fort. If you have more than one child and are over the age of about 36, then you can probably relate. It Is tiring to have to load up all the kids, make sure they are all buckled, run 5 miles up the road, just to turn around & go back home. And its especially draining if there are several in car or booster seats & refuse to anyone but Mama or Daddy buckle them. It also gets very tiring when some.of the children think because they are getting in the.car they must bring something to entertain themselves or they immediately declare as you are pulling out of the driveway that they need to potty &/or they need you to stop at the nearest fast-food joint and buy them a drink or else they will surely die of thirst.
So yep, Elizabeth is a blessing. I am so excited for her this year. Her 13th birthday is this year & she gets her trip to NYC with her Dad. Plus she loves the Nancy Drew series. We were able to get 50 books of the 56 book set off of Ebay for her birthday. She has some duplicates (about 10) that we can resell. & 1 that was missing out of the set we bought she already has, so now I just have to hunt down the last 5. (They are all on Ebay, I just have to order them). She is going to be thrilled. Her birthday isn't until July tho. I guess I can wait!
Hope you have a good day.
Here's a picture of my Esther playing "babydoll".

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BeeBee said...

Sounds like a lovely time with Esther.

And I'm sure Elizabeth will love her birthday present. :)