Friday, March 9, 2012

the games we play

does your family have a family game? we have one. we play "guess the singer or group". thank goodness for youtube, google tv, pandora & digital cable with music channels because we play it more than probably what is normal & school the kids in music singers & groups.
i'm not trying to brag but i am generally the winner of the overall genre game....i know a wide variety of music from all genres & styles. my Mama raised us on Motown & beach music. one of my favorite albums is from the movie The Big Chill.
we learned to do "the Shag" at school during P.E. classes in elementary school (besides what we didnt learn from our Mama & Daddy doing it for us in the living room) - HELLO it is the South Carolina State Dance! My Mama could dance that dance. They use to have Shag contest in the mall. I remember many times watching them at Dutch Square Mall - in awe of the couples who could dance....the Shag perfectly.. & do the under the arm, behind the head kind of spin & never lose grip on their partner's hand. I remember Renee & I doing it together but I doubt I can remember how now. I can in my mind still do it but who knows if my legs could. Maybe it's something I need to teach the kids - for fun.
anyway, back to the game. put on some Sam Cooke, James Brown, Tempations, Otis Redding, Genesis, Duran Duran, Cars (usually), Patti Labelle, Creedance, Charlie Daniels Band, Conway Twitty, Elton John, Chaka Kahn, Kool & the Gang, etc.....I'm good (my ipod of about 8000 songs is a varied collection.) and i know some people dont listen to secular music, and we respect that choice but we do. it's reality and we do not feel bad about that or convicted by that choice at all. but we are selective of what we will allow the children to listen to in their rooms, especially at night before bed. call our logic crazy, but it's what it is. the little ones especially - they have only kids praise & worship in their cd players & their radios are never in use.

Clay tends to win when it comes to obscure singers like George Benson, Benny Mardones, or Dan Folgelberg. out of about 20 songs/singers he stumped me on 2 tonight....Dan Folgelberg & a Cars' song. I couldnt believe I didnt get the Cars tonight. It was their song "who's gonna drive you home". and i have no clue what the Dan Folgelberg song was. But the Cars...i was shamed!

we had a fun time playing. Abigail & Esther both got out of their beds & Elizabeth & Rachel sat around laughing & watching. (the boys were fast asleep). Rachel kept saying "oh she knows that one" or "that's one of her favorites"....Clay would type in on his google tv keyboard the singer or song & Rachel has a pretty good idea what music i like & dont like or dont know even. my back was to the tv so i could not see what he was typing in as not to spoil the game.

Anyway, Clay introduced me to a newer BeBe & CeCe Winans song that I have fallen in love with called "Grace."

Here is the youtube. Check it out. (dont forget to stop the music at the bottom to hear this one)

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