Sunday, March 4, 2012

dont do life alone!

we didnt "attend" church today in the normal sense of the word. we actually attended our church service online today. while i'm not a fan of that being a "normal" way for us to "attend" church - it met our needs today and it is a wonderful tool to reach the nations.

Pastor Craig has been speaking on "TOXIC"....toxic relationships, toxic situations, toxic people, toxic words...etc. and he has been preaching on how we should not be toxic, how to avoid being toxic, how to avoid being in toxic situations, how to walk away from toxic people.

"The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit." Proverbs 18:21

it has been a great series. one we all needed to hear. it's easy for us to become toxic - or negative over things that displease us rather than put our selfishness aside. it's also easy for toxic people or people's negative reactions or words to bring us to a place that draws us away from the Lord. and sadly there is times in our lives when we have to find a fork in the road (so to speak) with regards to toxic relationships or toxic people & we have to go our separate ways.
anyway, that's a recap of what his sermon series has been on these last few weeks (and i think we were able to hear all of them with attending saturday night service & online service).  I didnt come on here to post about the actual sermon - even tho it has spoken volumes into my life in many different ways...applying it where it is necessary is a slow process, and one that God must be in the lead role......but i came on to post about the church.
if you do not have a home church or you find yourself working on sunday's or late saturday's & cant get up to go to church on sunday mornings...or even if you just want extra bible study & want to hear God's unadulterated word, in a very simple way that speaks directly to hearts, then Harvest Central Online is a tool for you.
check it out here .

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