Monday, March 12, 2012

donuts & tomatoes

so rachel has to take something edible in a round shape tomorrow for school to share with her school mates because it's 3.14 (PI in the math world). Since she is taking Geometry & Algebra the teachers made a party out of it. So we made donuts...yep donuts.....we used this recipe. they turned out pretty darn good....of course not as good as Krispy Kreme's but good enough for homemade. i saved the donut holes for the kids for breakfast tomorrow morning.
my back is killing me after standing on my feet for the last 2 hours making them but i'm proud of myself.  i have come such a long way with this homemaking deal in 18 years.

today i also finally finished starting my seeds....tomatoes, cucumbers, canteloupe, watermelons, squash, zucchini squash, honey dew melon......there's more but i cant remember off of the top of my head. we use the God's Way of Planting by T.E. Black as a guide to when is the best time for starting seeds & planting. it' goes with the astrological phases of the moon. it's very interesting & i would have never thought to do such a thing before meeting Clay & his family. i would have thought it voodoo. but it's really not. it's understanding the seasons that God put in place. Mr. Black is long since passed away but you can send  $10 to his address in Alabama (T.E. Black, PO Box 785, Andalusia, AL 36420) & still get the guide for the 2012 season. You have to use it in conjunction with a good Almanac with the astrological signs like the Old Farmer's Almanac. today the signs were in the "secrets" (old country folks way of saying, loins) & it was perfect for planting. so today i planted.
I even got the Quinalt Strawberry roots planted - all 70 of them.  I am praying for a harvest of strawberries. i want to make jam!

and just on a side note: the therapy went well today. we are very optimistic about this being a good thing & a turning point in this child's life. i thank God everyday for this child. i know He has a special plan & their testamony is being written into one that will change lives!

**sorry for no pictures. i was too tired. maybe tomorrow.

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