Thursday, March 29, 2012

results are in

i received the results for the baby's 1st trimester screens. all is normal. now we head to the 2nd trimester neural tube screen & an EKG on the baby's heart between 16-24 weeks. i fully expect all to be well.

unfortunately i am sick with bronchitis as well as Asher. poor kid. here is a picture of him at the doctor's office this morning. (notice he is still in his pj's.) a very dear friend said to me - after i told her he wore his cowboy boots with his pj's - "oh you have become one of those mom's". very funny! but yep. i'm one of those mom's - sick & tired - literally. this kid is so sweet. (and as of this afternoon abigail & esther have started running fevers.....)

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Jenny said...

You forgot the best part (originally said by you,) you have become one of those mothers that you would have judged so harshly 15 years ago.
Love all you crazies -